Honda begins testing its new “Road Condition Monitoring System”

Honda Research Institute USA is developing a road condition monitoring system to evaluate road condition in an effort to detect possible hazards ahead.

With the system, Honda hopes to help road operators monitor lane markings and road surface conditions more frequently, in a cost-effective and efficient way.

Still in its testing phase, the system uses GPS coordinates and sensors such as cameras to collect real-time road condition information that can be shared with road operators.

As such, Honda is working with local transportation departments and plans to start providing road condition data in early 2022, to help improve road conditions and maintenance in the area.

The lane lines are classified using four colour codes: green, yellow, grey, and red. Green and yellow indicates good lane marking conditions while grey means there are no lane lines. Red indicates the lane markings need repair.

The data, including the coordinates and visuals recorded by Honda’s system will then be uploaded onto a secure platform where road operators can access for analysis.


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