Auto Bavaria MINI x TNTCO’s new “Chrome” collection is the merchandise for Gen Z hypebeasts

Look, I don’t get streetwear, and I won’t pretend that I do. But even though I might not be the target audience for Auto Bavaria MINI’s new line of “Chrome” clothing capsule that was made in collaboration with Malaysian streetwear label TNTCO, I must admit that these do look pretty sweet.

The new limited-edition collection consists of items such as jackets, hoodies, tracksuits, and graphic T-shirts, and features the winning designs of Yu Jin Lim, who was named top designer at the recently-concluded TNTCO x Auto Bavaria MINI T-shirt design competition.

According to them, Chrome supposedly stands for “the spark of ideas that inspire and epitomizes the bright future that lies ahead for those who are always in pursuit of their dreams with relentless passion”.

It also reflects the “eye-catching and infectious allure of the iconic MINI”, and represents both Auto Bavaria MINI and TNTCO’s interpretation of “what it means to be a trendsetter, a leader in fashion, and a trailblazer”.

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Auto Bavaria continues by saying that MINI has always been associated with cool ideas and passion, as well as “youthfull inspiration, independence, and spontaneity” – the same spirit that TNTCO supposedly embodies, which ultimately resulted in the partnership between the two companies.

The Auto Bavaria MINI x TNTCO Chrome collection is now available for purchase on Auto Bavaria MINI’s Lazada Flagship Store, linked here. Prices start at RM179 for the graphic T-shirts.



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