Ran out of Bugatti merchandise to buy? Here’s a shaver.

There are Bugatti speakers, million Ringgit pool tables, watches to name a few on sale but if you’ve run out of Bugatti things to buy, here’s a special edition shaver made in collaboration with Gillette.

Evidently, a shaver isn’t just a shaver and shaving isn’t just shaving according to Procter & Gamble (P&G) who owns the Gillette brand.

“This collaboration is rooted in a shared passion for quality and sector-defining performance. Just as each Bugatti embodies the incomparable driving experience, this ultra-precise razor was developed not just to shave, but to create the utmost luxury at-home shaving experience,” said the company’s CEO.

The heated shaver is finished in Bugatti Agile Bleu, the same shade seen on the Chiron Pur Sport, while the handle is finished with Bugatti’s iconic emblem of over 110 years.

In Gillette’s words, “with the push of a button, the heated shaver is activated and delivers instant soothing warmth for a more sensual and comfortable shaving experience”. Does anyone feel the sudden urge to shave?

The heated razor set also comes with a magnetic wireless charging dock, blades, and branded cleaning cloth.

The press release even ended with ‘If comparable, it is no longer Bugatti.’ Think that says it all. It must be really expensive too, so expensive that they did not even provide a price.



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