This Porsche 356 for ice expedition is the wildest and coolest yet!

Looks like something out of video games or even the HotWheels collection, isn’t it? This insane Porsche 356 with snow and ice tracks is built by Valkyrie Racing for its upcoming expedition in Antarctica.

After serving numerous cross-continent vintage rallies such as the notorious La Carrera Panamericana in 2017 and Peking to Paris in 2019, the humble 1954 Porsche 356 will tackle its final and the seventh continent in an expedition called the Antarctica Ice Challenge.

Right after the East African Safari Classic in December 2019, Valkyrie Racing took more than 18 months to re-engineer the existing Porsche 356 with skis, tracks and all other survival equipment for the 356-mile (573 km) polar expedition.

Devoid of any regular conventional pneumatic tyres, the ‘Polar Porsche’ features a combination of skis, tracks and a crevasse bar. According to the Chief Engineer, Kieron Bradley, the front ski and rear track combination increase the floatation by as much as 300% compared to even the most prepared Antarctic 4×4 support vehicles on 42-inch tyres.

This setup plus the composite skis are specially made to create an impact that is less than a footprint on the snow. The air-cooled naturally aspirated six-cylinder boxer engine continues to provide traction to the huge Camso 4S1 tracks running an 18t sprocket.  

Renee Brinkerhoff, racer turned philanthropist and also the founder of Valkyrie Racing will be teaming up with professional ice navigator Jason de Carteret for this expedition. They will start their journey on December 5th 2021.

Air-cooled Porsche remains one of the best classics for rally driving. Take a look at this masterpiece by expert resto-modder, Singer.

This final Antarctica expedition, her sixth race, completes her ‘Project 356 World Rally Tour’ over seven continents and a journey of over 32,000 km to pursue to ultimate endeavour by one woman, one car and one global mission to end child trafficking that started with the La Carrera Panamericana race in October 2017.

Brinkerhoff added, “By racing our ’56 Porsche in extreme rallies that have never seen this type of vehicle before, we are a unique anomaly and use this recognition to give a voice to put an end to child trafficking.”

For those who are interested to contribute to the cause, visit the dedicated Donate356 page here, and perhaps some action of the ‘Polar Porsche’ at the Antarctica expedition updated on their Instagram page.



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