Mazda’s latest CX-3 in Japan is “Super Edgy”

No, we’re not being (or at least trying to be) funny – Mazda’s has just unveiled a new trim level for its CX-3 in Japan, and it’s literally called “Super Edgy”.

The new trim level is unveiled as part of the model’s 2021 refresh in its native country, and – as its name suggests – features some unique aesthetic design elements to make it look striking, or “edgy” as the Gen Zs would say.

The main highlight of the exterior is its two-tone paint job on the outside, with the upper half of the bodywork (from the glasshouse) being painted in gloss black. There’s also an extended colour palette for the “Super Edgy” model, including Platinum Quartz Metallic that’s seen here.

On the inside, the “Super Edgy” Mazda CX-3 gets a new multi-texture, multi-tone upholstery with Grande Luxe suede-like artificial leather for the seat back and centre paddings, and regular smooth artificial leather for side support – like many modern sports car seats these days.

The Mazda CX-3 has been recently updated in Malaysia with additional tech. Learn more here.

More interestingly, however, is the new red copper accent that can be found on the centre of the seat back, seating surface, and as an accent ring around the air conditioner louvre – Mazda says it’s to create a more elegant ambience in the cabin, and to increase “sex appeal” – we’ll chalk it up to shoddy Google Translate from Japanese.

Other additions in the model update include an upsized infotainment display from seven to eight inches, new wireless Apple CarPlay connectivity, as well as an optional wireless Qi charging pad for your mobile phones.

The Mazda CX-3 “Super Edgy” is priced from JPY2,491,500 (approx. RM91k) in Japan (depending on variant), which is nearly JPY600k (approx. RM21k) more than the model’s base variant. It’s now available for pre-orders, and is scheduled to be released in “late May”.


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