Alfa Romeo will launch a new car every year until 2026, before going full EV

Stellantis’ Alfa Romeo will be unveiling a new model every year until 2026, CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato said in an Italian dealer event on Wednesday.

Alfa Romeo’s new model push will kick off with the Tonale, a compact SUV that will be launched in March next year, Imparato said. The model was initially scheduled for debut by December 2021, however the launch date was inexplicably pushed back, supposedly due to Imparato’s own displeasure with the plug-in hybrid’s performance.

As for the rest of the new cars, not much is known at this moment. There were rumours of an even smaller SUV called the “Brennero” that’s poised to join the Alfa Romeo model line-up after the launch of the Tonale, although we’ll still probably have to wait a bit longer before we hear anything substantial about that.

Five cars in five years, that’s already a pretty packed schedule. But they’re not done yet – Imparato also said in the event that Alfa Romeo will be transitioning into an EV-only carmaker from 2027 onwards, in line with Stellantis’ overarching electrification strategy.

Stellantis has unveiled their new STLA modular platform, which will also be used on future Alfa Romeo EVs. Learn more here.

For those afraid that moving towards electric will somehow ruin the famed “sports car” feeling of their beloved Alfa Romeos, fret not – Imparato has repeatedly said that the brand will still focus on handling and performance, not technology.

Heck, he even said recently that he’s selling an Alfa Romeo, and not an “iPad with a car around it” – that should already be enough to instil confidence, we think. It’s going to be a busy couple of years for the Italian carmaker, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store.

Alfa Romeo has brought back the GTA nameplate with new Giulia GTA and GTAm. Check it out here!

[Source: Reuters]


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