Alfa Romeo wants to keep screens to a minimum in their cars

Whether you like it or not, screens are definitely taking over the interior of our cars. Heck, Mercedes-Benz’s MBUX Hyperscreen essentially replaces the entire dashboard with touchscreen displays. But despite the screen invasion, we now know that there’s at least one hold out – and that’s Alfa Romeo.

In a recent interview with French TV channel BFM Business and later reported by Caradisiac, Alfa Romeo’s new CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato said that their cars will always be “driver-centric”, which to the Italian sports car maker, apparently means “as few screens as possible” in the car.

“I’m not selling an iPad with a car around it, I’m selling an Alfa Romeo,” he added.

The GTA nameplate is back – this time round on the Alfa Romeo Giulia. Check it out here!

Just like most major carmakers in the world, Alfa Romeo is also similarly heading down the path of electrification. Despite the lack of engine noise, Imparato says that they’ll still be exciting to drive and “convey emotions” to the driver.

So what exactly does “as few as possible” and “driver-centric” mean? Well, at least we don’t have to wait too long more to find out, as the Alfa Romeo Tonale SUV – that’s been confirmed to arrive with the brand’s first plug-in hybrid powertrain – is rumoured to make its debut sometime around December this year.

[source: Caradisiac]


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