Subscription services already offer a substantial increase in flexibility over a traditional car ownership. But with its latest update, Toyota Capital Malaysia and UMW Toyota’s Kinto One subscription service now promises even more options for those who prefer subscriptions, thanks to the newly enhanced packages and additional plans.

Customers interested in the Kinto One service can now choose from different yearly mileage packages (between 20,000 km and 30,000 km), plus the option to choose a longer subscription of up to five years.

Of course, the existing benefits of a subscription service are still here, with everything from admin fees, annual comprehensive insurance, road tax, as well as periodic and preventive maintenance all included into one monthly fixed subscription fee.

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For those who want to save a few pennies (and don’t mind the added hassle that comes with it), there’s also a new Lite Package, which does not include wear and tear maintenance. Customers will be responsible for repairs or replacements of wear and tear parts at their own costs when required.

The company says that the Lite Package is a natural reaction to the market demand, where customers now travel much lesser than before, but still require an easy and straightforward “car usership” programme.

“Soon after we launched Kinto One, the country was ushered into another major lock down and this has encouraged us to be more adaptive of the local happenings,” said Toyota Capital Malaysia president, Thomas Chai.

“Through our spirit of Kaizen and structured discipline in product development, we took advantage of the recent lock down to improve our Kinto One features. We listened closely to what the market needs and has come up with additional varieties of Kinto One to cater to the growing car subscription market.”

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On top of adding more flexibility for the general consumers, Toyota Capital Malaysia has also introduced the new Kinto One Business service, designed as a full-service leasing option to cater for companies and corporations’ growing need of fleet vehicles.

The new business plans will offer a variety of commercial vehicle options, and just like the regular consumer-facing offerings, everything related to the vehicle throughout the subscription period is also taken care of by the subscription service, allowing the companies to focus on their own bottom lines.

Launched in January this year, the Kinto One subscription service now includes nearly all popular models under the UMW Toyota umbrella, including new additions such as the Toyota Corolla Cross, Hiace vans (Business), and the Hilux pick-up truck (Business), as well as Lexus models such as the UX 200.

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