Video: New Ferrari Portofino M in Malaysia, 5 Things

Ferrari Malaysia through Naza Italia has just launched the lastest new drop-top from Maranello to complement the sunny weather we’ve been receiving in Malaysia in the form of the Portofino M. Prices start from RM998,000.

M stands for ‘Modificata‘ and is reserved cars that have undergone an evolution that has significantly boosted their performance.

What kinda performance upgrades has the new Portofino M received exactly then?

For starters, the Portofino M has an extra 20 hp than before, at 620 hp, and 760 Nm – extracted from a 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 that has won countless awards for Ferrari. It’s also quicker by a whisker from 0 to 100 km/h, 3.45 seconds from 3.5 seconds.

The changes on the exterior can be easily noticed also when putting the old and new Portofino side by side. Most prominent changes lie in the front and rear bumpers while the sports exhaust tips, 20-inch diamond-cut finish wheels and gloss black calipers are optional extras.

In case you’re wondering, this subtle yet striking exterior colour is called Grigio Alloy which projects a soft silver colour with a hint of light blue in certain lighting conditions.

Inside, the changes are less noticeable unless you have the Ferrari name branded on your forehead. The interior architecture remains largely the same but this unit you see here comes with a long list of optional add-ons.

As standard, there’s a new manettino switch that now offers five driving modes, including a new Race Mode, compared to just three from before.

The optional extras for the Portofino M’s interior include a passenger display, a carbon fibre steering wheel with LED rev indicators, and ventilated seats but there’s more! Check out our video!



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