Is Lamborghini actually bringing back the original Countach?

No, we don’t mean the modern-day reborn Countach – that we already know. But according to a teaser video posted on Lamborghini’s social media channel, it seems that the company isn’t quite done with celebrating the Countach’s 50th anniversary just yet.

The teaser consists of a video showing Lamborghini’s own interior “takumis” (or perhaps “maestros“?) cutting out and piecing together pieces of leather, crafting what looks like the bucket seats and interior trims of the iconic Countach LP500 Prototype that first made its debut at the 1971 Geneva motor show.

So what’s actually happening here? Well, based on the text at the end of the teaser that reads “50 years ago it paved the road to the future. Now it’s back on the road,” we’re fairly convinced that Lamborghini is indeed resurrecting the Countach LP500 one way or another.

The Lamborghini Countach has been reincarnated to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Check out the modern-day creation here!

The most logical way to go about that would be a special one-off restoration through Lamborghini’s Polo Storico heritage division.

However, the original prototype that made its appearance on the Geneva show floor was actually used as a test mule following its public showing, and was later retired in 1974 after being used in a crash test for the homologation of the production version.

Since it’s been scrapped, a restoration project is pretty much out of the picture. That leaves us with one more possibility – actually recreating the original LP500 Concept, piece by piece down to the original V12 engine.

It’ll be a huge undertaking, but at least, it’ll be a fitting homage to one of the brand’s most iconic models of all time – perhaps even more so than the Aventador-based modern-day creation. Either way, we can’t wait to see what Lamborghini has in store!


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