Covid-19 or not, a single stream of income has never been enough if you live in the city. How often do you hear someone saying, “I don’t need more money?”. The usual cry has one less word.

With all the lockdowns and movement restrictions, many of us have found ourselves penniless and paying for a car or even cars which have moved as little as us.

Before most would resort to becoming an e-hailing driver – driving the cars they bought to own them, via Grab and other e-hailing services, but now you just need to ‘lend’ the car out! Here’s how you can make some side income, rather than let your cars depreciate and deteriorate, with Flux!

We all know Flux by now for their all-inclusive multi-brand car subscription service where inventory usually comes from automotive retailers.

Now, they’re opening their doors to individual car owners. If you own a car but it hardly moves, you can now open it to over 4,000 Flux members to subscribe.

Your car will be managed by the Flux Concierge team – everything from insurance and servicing to road tax renewals – while you kick back, collect money, and stay clear from Covid-19. This way, the car will be utilised and not parked for months while its bills are paid; all while you’re sitting at home, not driving, watching Netflix.

Here’s how it works:

  • Become a Host through the official Flux website and your vehicle will first be inspected
  • A detailed explanation of your earnings will be explained
  • Images of your car will be uploaded on the Flux platform
  • Once your car has been subscribed, Flux will collect it to be delivered
  • Your car will be insured and tracked using on-board telematics
  • Get paid monthly, automatically

For more information, check out their website here!