Drive the car of your dreams without ownership hassles with FLUX!

Sick of not being able to keep up with your monthly commitments, let alone own the car of your dreams? Fret not, Flux is here and the service they’re offering will alter your views on “car ownership”.

Flux is an all-inclusive monthly car subscription service, offering all the benefits of having your dream car without the drawbacks. Members pay a monthly fee to drive a car of their choice without commitment.

The range of cars in their inventory vehicles like the Honda CR-V, BMW 6 Series GT, Toyota Yaris, Volvo XC40, Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 and Kia Sportage.

Their cars are sourced from reputable automotive groups and retailers which have been independently inspected to determine that each and every one is maintained to the highest standards and free of major accidents and flood damage. 

Once members have selected a car, they then choose a subscription plan which starts at month-to-month for total flexibility or up to three years for best value.

Subscription plans indicate how long members intend to use the Flux service, not a specific car as they have the privilege to switch throughout their subscription.

Members also choose a mileage package between Lite, Standard and Unlimited which offers a monthly maximum of 1,250 km, 2,000 km and cap-less mileage respectively.

Upon selecting a car, Flux offers the freedom to switch car after a minimum of one month use with just a standard switching fee. After the switch, members would just have to pay the monthly rate of the newly chosen car – no one else can offer you such a flexibility at the moment.

If for some reason you’re not enjoying the selected car, Flux offers 3-day Risk Free Returns before assisting you with a car that suits your needs.

Unlike other new-age mobility solutions where cars have to be returned to a collection point, your Flux car stays with you throughout the duration of your subscription.

Also, unlike traditional car ownership which requires visits to the service centre, road tax renewals and such, a membership with Flux means these hassles are eliminated.

Should your car be involved in an accident, using their telematics device, Flux will send emergency services to your location so that medical attention is received as soon as possible.

Flux has partnered with leading automotive insurers for comprehensive protection and 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance to ensure your safety and assist you in every step of the post-accident process. 

Flux allows both Malaysians and non-Malaysians to become Flux members, as long as they have a Malaysian credit card, mobile contact number and are above 25 years of age. International driving licence holders are also accepted. 



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