Ferrari’s latest patent filing has nothing to do with big horsepower or going fast

Ferrari trickles down many technologies learnt from their life in Formula 1 as well as GT endurance racing. Electrification, traction control, lightweight material technology and of course, high engine output and melodic engine noise are the usual new technologies and engineering solutions introduced in each Ferrari vehicle.

A posting in a Ferrari owner’s and enthusiasts forum has unearthed a new patent filing by the brand synonymous with supercars and motor racing. Surprisingly, it does not involve the oily bits or have anything to do with going fast.

Instead, the patent by Ferrari shows an advanced climate control or air-conditioning system that is highly networked with various sensors.

Quiet, convertible and a Ferrari V8. Here are the details of the latest Ferrari SF90 Spider.

Based on the drawings and brief description, the air-conditioning system will gather data not just from temperature and humidity sensors, but also the thermal radiation from the windows, multiple occupants and the heat profile of their faces and bodies!

By having a much more networked controlled system with a vast amount of data, the system can then adjust temperature and airflow suited to the particular occupant, such as one travelling south where the setting sun is more intense on the right of the vehicle.

Air-con panel from the four-seater Ferrari GTC4 Lusso.

Such an advanced multi-reading air-conditioning system is not entirely new, as the current generation Lexus LS 500 employs occupant and solar radiation sensors. Called Lexus Climate Concierge, the system uses 16 infrared matrix sensors to monitor the body temperature of all of the occupants in the LS and adjust the automatic four-zone climate-control system to suit their individual preferences.

Based on the Ferrari patent diagrams, it looks as if the specific facial and body scanning technology is more advanced than that from Lexus / Toyota Motor.

Facial recognition technology is the key to the next set of driver assistance systems. Find out how Honda utilises the technology here.

Such a detailed approach to passenger comfort is relatively unheard of in a Ferrari, but with the brand planning to introduce a 4-door large crossover as soon as next year, they certainly need all the pampering features to compete with established super SUVs such as Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus, Rolls-Royce Cullinan and Aston Martin DBX.

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