David Coulthard sings praises for the Mercedes-AMG Project One

The Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar that is based on an actual 700-horsepower 1.6-litre turbocharged V6 Formula 1 racing engine was first unveiled at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. Due to the sheer technical challenge of tuning that V6 engine to be daily driveable, such as starting up with just a touch of a button, the completion of the production vehicle has been delayed by more than a year.

Earlier this year, Mercedes-AMG released a couple of videos portraying the near-completed hypercar undergoing rigorous testing at their Immendingen proving ground. For those lucky customers who have waited four years since its introduction, it looks like Mercedes-AMG is set to reach mass production soon.

Former Formula One driver with McLaren-Mercedes, as well as a Mercedes-Benz Brand Ambassador David Coulthard, was invited to test drive the Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar recently. The 13-time Grand Prix winner has nothing but praises about the new hypercar.

This is Aston Martin’s interpretation of F1 for the road. Ride along inside the Valkyrie and put the speakers to 11!

“Perfect. I love it! You have just taken me back twelve years. I feel like a Grand Prix driver again. You don’t need to leave this planet to have an out-of-this-world experience,” as he congratulated the project members.

Even in his Instagram account, Coulthard said he hasn’t been able to stop grinning since test driving the hypercar.

Apart from the sheer power delivery of the hybrid powertrain that is reported to generate over 1,000 hp, the Mercedes-AMG Project One also features active aerodynamics. Upper body surfaces see control flaps extending and retracting, while a full width multi-profile rear wing works in conjunction with a deep underbody diffuser to provide racing car-like downforce levels.

Apart from the aerodynamic grip, mechanical grip is also at top-tier competition car levels. The lightweight monocoque carbon fibre tub becomes the structural unit to support the engine, transmission and front suspension arms, similar to the Formula One machine.

The new-generation Mercedes-AMG hybrids can recharge the batteries by drifting! More about the feature here!

Ultra-precise double wishbone suspension with pushrod actuation and bell-crank linkages ensure maximum contact patch of the large tyres. However, with the tiny 1,600 cc V6 engine, it certainly will not annoy the neighbours, as similar to current Formula One machines, it doesn’t deliver much aural thrills.

Mercedes-AMG will be building just 275 units of the Project One hypercar and all have been reported to be sold carrying a price tag starting from EUR2.3 million (RM11.4 million).

Source: Mercedes-AMG Instagram



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