Shell FuelSave 95 gets vote of confidence from 10 car owner’s clubs

The new and improved FuelSave95 launched by Shell in March this year seems to have left quite an impression on car clubs members in Malaysia as we found out yesterday. Shell organised a virtual gathering where these members were invited to shared their testimonies on the new fuel.

Before that, the new Shell FuelSave 95 with DYNAFLEX technology focuses on three things:

  • Extra Savings, Instantly (Ekstra Penjimatan) – reduces friction by up to 90% in critical engine parts to maximize fuel economy
  • Extra Clean (Ekstra Bersih) – prevents 95% of deposit formation for a cleaner engine
  • Extra Protection (Ekstra Perlindungan) – protects engines from wear, corrosion, and deposit build-up with its ‘Triple Action’ formula

Other benefits include up to 1.85% increase in mileage along with extra protection from deposit build-up on key components in a car’s fueling system such as the intake valves and fuel injectors. The fuel’s friction-reducing qualities also help protect the engine’s piston rings

Also present at the virtual gathering was Shell Malaysia Trading and Shell Timur, Managing Director, Shairan Huzani Husain, and the following owner’s clubs:

  • Proton Ambassadors of Malaysia
  • Myvi Gen.3 Club
  • HR-V Club Malaysia
  • Civic FC Club Malaysia
  • Geng Alza Biru Malaysia
  • Vios Yaris Owners Club
  • Mazda 3 Owner Club Malaysia
  • Kelab AruzR Malaysia
  • Nissan X-Trail Club Malaysia
  • Volkswagen Club Malaysia

Members from all of the 10 clubs above had nothing but high praises for the improved fuel. From the positive experiences, members of the car clubs have unanimously given their vote of confidence in Shell FuelSave 95 via an official recommendation.

Moving forward, Shell will power over 50,000 car club members through an estimated 75,000 km of driving with the FuelSave 95 fuel to showcase its ‘extra kilometres’ capabilities through specially curated drive events.

These events will take place once Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted. The car clubs will also receive early access and first-hand trials to Shell’s latest products and services.

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“Not all fuels are created equal; this is why we are honoured to have so many passionate car enthusiasts choosing Shell FuelSave 95. It shows confidence in our ability to continue delivering high-quality fuels and extra kilometres,” said Shairan.

“Shell FuelSave 95 has always been our fuel of choice. We recommend it to peers, friends, and family because we have complete faith in its capabilities,” said Myvi Gen.3 Club member, Mohd Affan Bin Mohd Aris.

“Those who want the most efficient fuel need not look further because Shell FuelSave 95 assures you of extra kilometres. I am impressed because the fuel has provided me with extra savings as my fuel consumption is averaging better than other fuels that I have tried,” said Mohamad Nazri Jamil, a HR-V Club Malaysia representative.

To celebrate the official recommendation from the 10 car clubs, customers can enjoy a 5% discount for RM30 and RM50 Shell vouchers exclusively on Shopee, from the 13th to the 22nd of August 2021.

Customers can do so by using the promo code ‘EKSTRAKM’ during checkout (limited to 2,000 codes per day).

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