Naza Automotive appeals for automotive sector to be allowed to resume operations

Following Honda and Toyota’s plea to the government recently, Naza Automotive Group, the automotive arm of the Naza Corporation Holdings is now also appealing for the government to allow the automotive sector to resume operations.

This is as the entire supply chain in the automotive sector has been seriously affected, especially due to the complete and prolonged shutdown of operations in vital areas like Selangor and the Federal Territories.

“Many of the key automotive companies for both vehicle and parts production are located within these two states. Prolonged business and supply chain disruption will have dire consequences on the industry, especially due to the fact that the local automotive industry is highly dependent on the domestic market,” said Naza Automotive Group, CEO, Dato’ Nik Hamdan.

Naza Automotive Group’s CEO went on to emphasise that the continuous shutdown which affects all facets of the automotive sector would lead to eventual business closures, especially with the smaller players in the industry. It would then lead to layoffs and a deep and long-lasting impact on the job market.

The current situation could also pose safety risks to vehicle owners due to the continuous use of under-serviced vehicles and the inability to replace damaged parts when necessary.


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