This replica Ferrari 458 build could be the most accurate Fauxrari we’ve ever seen!

We here at don’t shy away from replicas, because they’re all labours of love and passion, and that’s what we’re here for, right? Admittedly, some of them do look kind of… rudimentary, but every once in a while there’s bound to be one that seriously blows us away, and today, it’s this replica Ferrari 458.

This Fauxrari 458 is the creation of Russian YouTuber Ilya Strekal, and underneath all of that custom bodywork is actually a Porsche Boxster – which we bet you wouldn’t have realised unless specifically told so. No, seriously, you’d still have a hard time picking out the differences even when it’s placed right next to an actual Ferrari 458… and that’s exactly what Strekal and his team did.

In an odd stroke of luck, Ilya Strekal came across an actual Ferrari 458 while driving his homemade version around the streets of St Petersburg. And according to him, the driver of the red Ferrari was so intrigued by his replica, that he even agreed to let them film the cars side-by-side for comparison.

Well, Strekal’s craftsmanship certainly shows through the video; as you can see from the video above, there’s really not much in between the two cars.

Sure, Strekal’s replica is still pretty rough around the edges, so the curves and joints don’t look as organic as the Italian-made Ferrari 458. There’s also a couple of smaller issues, such as the angle of the various mesh grilles, and placement of the wing mirrors by the side, that are just off by a couple of millimetres or degrees.

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But these were issues that Strekal and his team couldn’t have discovered until they had an actual car for a side-by-side comparison – and even then, you had to look really closely to even tell the difference! Apart from these minor niggles, they’ve pretty much got everything else spot-on, from the lights, proportions, to even the shape of the random air inlets around the engine.

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From the other videos on his channels, which shows the Ferrari 458 replica farther along its build, it seems like the crew have already managed to clean up some of these problems. With a fresh coat of yellow paint, we really couldn’t tell that this is not a real Ferrari.

The other videos also showed Strekal going through the painstaking process of recreating the entire dashboard, through custom fibreglass moulding and 3D printing, all to make it look as close to the original car as possible. If nothing, it just shows how enthusiastic these group of car nuts are at recreating their dream cars.

While the end product may not be a true Ferrari, the amount of work they’ve put into this build is certainly still an impressive feat, and the end result just speaks for itself. We’re just afraid that they’ll likely hear from an Italian lawyer very soon…

[H/T: Carscoops]



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