In recent weeks, we’ve seen the all-new Honda Civic sedan break cover, followed by the hatchback version. Then news came that the all-new Civic Type R is on its way too; set to arrive in 2022.

Unsurprisingly, images of the all-new hot hatch, supposedly the first of the hybrid Type Rs according to reports online, have started surfacing.

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Also to no surprise is how it looks, well roughly, based on what you and I can tell from these images. As it is mainly based on the new Civic hatchback, most of the Type R’s exterior design cues appear similar to the standard model save for some sporty touches.

As this should be the all-new Type R’s final production design, the differences from the previous generation FK8 model are quite clear. Honda has retained the air scoop on the front bonnet, along with the massive rear wing, but the Type R lacks the “fierceness” from the previous model.

We compare two different generations of the Honda Civic Type R in the hills – NA vs Turbo! Watch the video here!

This could be down to the missing vortex generators atop the rear windscreen or due to the new rear spoiler with less pointy ends; it’s hard to tell.

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The unique tri-exhaust tip has been carried over but the rear lip spoiler seen in the previous model has been removed. Will the more subtle design sit well with enthusiasts? It should, seeing how the previous-generation FK8 Civic Type R was berated for looking like a toy robot.

Rumour is that the new Type R could be likely hybrid, according to Autocar UK. The electrification approach could be similar to what Honda did with the NSX. This could even mean that the Civic Type R could no longer be front-wheel drive.

How would that sit with the Honda boys?

Source: Spyder7