To some people, the Lamborghini Countach is an object of pure lust – especially the original concept that was shown off in the 1971 Geneva motor show, with its clean lines unobstructed by the various aerodynamic appendages.

Some argue that it still looks futuristic 50 years later, and while we agree that most of it held up to the test of time, certain elements of the design certainly looks a little dated in the world filled with low profile tyres and fancy LED lights.

While we continue to wait for a possible fifty-year anniversary hommage to the original Countach, design house Arc Design beat Lamborghini to the punch by introducing their own design concept, called simply the Countach 50 Omaggio that’s inspired by Marcello Gandini’s original creation, just freshened-up for the modern times.

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Most of the iconic styling elements of the original Lamborghini Countach concept have been retained on the 50 Omaggio, including the iconic wedge shape, single-slit front air intakes, and the squared headlights – but all updated with modern design touches befitting of the 21st century.

The true party piece of the hommage model though, is round the back, where you’ll find the third brake lights integrated directly into the engine cover glass pane, as well as active cooling and aerodynamic devices in the form of pop-up side air intakes and rear wing that only emerge when needed to retain the clean lines of the concept car.

The tail lights – with slim LED light strips bisecting the mesh back – even acts as air vents to channel hot air away from the V12 engine underneath the car!

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ARC Design says that the Countach 50 Omaggio is based on the Aventador, so in theory, it’s a lot bigger than its source of inspiration. Based on the design renders, it certainly looks a lot wider and planted than the original Countach concept.

It’s truly amazing to see how a 50-year-old design can still look so fresh with just a few tweaks – just goes to show how ahead of the curve Lamborghini was when they unveiled the original Countach, with a design as timeless as this.

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Of course, this is still just a render by a passionate designer, so it’ll probably never make it into production. Let’s just hope that the higher-ups at Sant’Agata will be equally inspired by the Countach 50 Omaggio and actually make a hommage model themselves. But for now, enjoy the gallery below.