White is the most popular exterior color in the world, according to survey

According to a recent survey by Axalta, an American automotive paint producer, White has been the most popular exterior colour of 2020 with over 1/3 of the world’s vehicles adopting the colour.

This is followed by Black, and Gray; making up the top three most popular automotive colours of 2020. White has been the most popular colour around the world for the last 10 years, especially in Asia where 48% of the vehicles on the road are White.

The African region came in 2nd; where 46% of its cars in White. White and Black have been reported to be the most popular colours in China. Surprisingly, the colour Red, one of the most auspicious colours in Chinese culture, saw a 3% drop in demand.

As for luxury cars and SUVs, Black remains the go-to colour worldwide. Demand for the Silver colour, arguably the easiest exterior colour to maintain has shown a major decline in most regions except India, where 32% of its cars are in Silver.

In Japan, where expression of oneself through cars is almost cultural, the colours red, blue, green and yellow are the most popular.

In the same survey, Axalta also found that over 28% would go for Black when repainting their cars, followed by Blue, Red, Silver and White.

Over 80% of car buyers prefer a monochromatic over a two-tone exterior.

The survey also showed over 79% of car buyers believe colour is a key factor when buying a car and that 33% claimed that they would change car brands if their preferred colours were not available. Over 80% of car buyers prefer a monochromatic over a two-tone exterior.


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