Novitec has been tuning and bringing out more power out of supercars for many years and their latest full-package kit is the N-Largo conversion kit for the Ferrari F8 Tributo.

Under the N-Largo label, Novitec of Germany has developed and produced spectacular widebody versions for the world’s most thrilling supercars such as the McLaren 720S, Ferrari 812 Superfast, and Ferrari 488 GTB. Production is always limited and is no different with the latest N-Largo kit for Ferrari F8 Tributo, as it will only have 15 examples made.

The widebody changes all the body panels on the Ferrari F8 Tributo. Heavily sculpted fenders and bumpers have now been replaced with more angular-looking items designed by German designer Vittorio Strosek. The form and function of carbon-fibre body panels (bumpers, side skirts and fenders) have been perfected at the wind tunnel.

Windtunnel work has also made better airflow around the car with front fender air vents as well as a large rear spoiler working in tandem with a new engine cover and large underbody diffuser. Novitec says they see an increase in downforce levels compared to the Ferrari styling.

The basis of the N-Largo kit is the widening of the vehicle arches to fit even larger wheels. At the front end, the N-Largo kit adds 70 mm in width to the Ferrari F8 Tributo, while the rear sees 130 mm addition. Exclusively Novitec designed NF10 NL forged wheels measuring 9.5Jx21 in front and 12Jx22 at the rear are made by Vossen and wrapped with Pirelli P Zero tyres measuring 255/30R21 and 335/25R22 sizes.

To fully maximise the new widebody look and presence, Novitec also lowered the vehicle by 35 mm via sport springs. An optional front lift system is available to lift the front axle by about 40 mm to clear slopes, ramps and other uneven roads.

As for the power plant, Novitec’s signature high-performance exhaust system and engine control module upgrade package pushes out 818 hp and 903 Nm of torque from the 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8 engine. Those figures are a whopping 98 hp and 133 Nm more than the standard Ferrari F8 Tributo.

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Performance as such also increases, even with the wider body slicing through the air. Acceleration from standstill to 100 km/h in 2.6 seconds, to 200 km/h in just 7.4 seconds and onward to a top speed in excess of 340 km/h.

Novitec also has interior personalisation items for the 15 lucky owners who have purchased the N-Largo widebody kit. As usual, Novitec does not disclose the package price of the N-Largo kits.