New patent for upcoming Honda BR-V filed in Indonesia, looks exactly like the N7X!

Despite Honda’s insistence that the N7X concept has nothing to do with any of its existing products, these leaked photos certainly suggest otherwise. According to indra_fathan who posted the photos on Instagram, these are the leaked patent filings of the upcoming Honda BR-V for Indonesia, and guess what – it looks pretty much identical to the aforementioned concept vehicle.

According to the source, these patents are filed by Asian Honda Motor Co. Ltd., Honda Motor’s ASEAN headquarters based in Thailand, through an Indonesian law firm. So if you’re wondering if this is a hoax, rest assured that this is perhaps as legitimate as it comes.

Check out how the Honda N7X concept looks in the flesh here!

Additionally, Indonesia-based automotive website Autonet Magz recently uncovered a price list for the upcoming Honda BR-V (with the model code DG3) on an official Indonesian government website, adding credibility to the claim.

Anyway, the leaked patent filings contain four different views of the car in illustration form, giving us a pretty good idea of how the production model is going to look like. There are also close-up 3D renders of the head and tail lights, grille, and bumpers, all of which pretty much identical to what we’ve already seen on the Honda N7X concept car.

Notice the bulge on the left wing mirror? That’s similar to the Honda LaneWatch cameras we’ve seen on the marque’s existing models, which projects the image onto the infotainment screen for a clearer view when changing lanes.

The leaked price list further suggests that the range-topping BR-V variant will come with the Honda Sense advanced driver assistance suite, based on the ‘HS’ in the listed model code. If true, this will be a huge upgrade over the current model that doesn’t come with any form of ADAS features!

The Honda N7X concept. See the resemblances?

Although the upcoming all-new Honda BR-V will get a completely reworked design, it seems that the powertrain will remain unchanged from the current generation. The ’15L’ from the model code suggests that we will continue to see the same 1.5-litre four-cylinder underneath the bonnet, which sends 120 hp and 145 Nm of torque to the front wheels via a CVT gearbox.

Check out how the Honda BR-V compares against the Mitsubishi Xpander in our seven-seater ‘SUV’ comparison!

While this will certainly be disappointing news to some, it’s a justifiable decision since the BR-V is built as a budget-friendly seven-seater people carrier, going right up against the Mitsubishi Xpander.

While nothing is confirmed just yet, this new leak is the closest we’ve got to hear about the all-new Honda BR-V. An official launch is likely due soon, so keep your eyes peeled as we bring you the latest news.


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