7-seater Honda N7X Concept looking good in the flesh!

If there’s a new 7-seater Honda BR-V and it looks anything like the N7X Concept, Honda (in Malaysia) could have a winner in their hands to welcome the new decade.

The name N7X stands for “New 7-seat eXcitement” and from the looks of it, there’ll be plenty to be excited about.

Honda in Indonesia claimed that the N7X Concept isn’t a new version of an existing Honda and is not related to any model in their current line-up. According to them, it’s just how they think a 7-seater SUV should look.

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Could it be a 7-seater HR-V? Or perhaps a new 7-seater to sit between the HR-V and CR-V? Only time will tell as the N7X Concept goes for a tour around Indonesia along with the new City hatchback.

If it does materialise as the new BR-V, what a fitting replacement it would be for Honda’s compact 7-seater SUV. While the current (aging) BR-V looks youthful and everygreen, the N7X appears more mature and sophisticated. Heck, in that exact form, we’d even say it looks premium. Wouldn’t you?

The best part of all is how much more proportionate it looks compared to the current BR-V. No details were given but Honda said the N7X Concept is longer, wider and taller than the current BR-V and that may have been a factor.

It’s so much more pleasing to the eye. Looking at the current BR-V from the side profile, you’d instantly notice how much larger the side windows are in relation to the body. It almost overwhelms the car when you see it in the flesh.

While it may offer more natural light to and better visibility from the cabin, it made the BR-V look like a moving display case (in this writer’s humble opinion).

The N7X is a completely different story. Unlike the current BR-V’s crooked beltline, it’s a straight line across the side doors in the N7X Concept – lending a much sleeker look to the side profile of the compact SUV.

Got you excited yet?



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