Mazda in Japan has introduced a special edition Mazda 2 “Sunlit Citrus” that comes with several “premium touches” in the cabin for that Mazda 6 feel. In Mazda’s own words (translated from Japanese), it’s “a car that makes your usual driving feel positive and enjoyable” and frankly, it could.

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Part of the Sunlit Citrus edition are features like wireless charging, Apple CarPlay and a 360-degree camera display but creature comforts isn’t what this Mazda 2 is about. This one’s all about aesthetics.

The special edition model comes with a Greige (grey and beige) interior with Grandlux artificial suede and leather upholstery – applied on the dashboard, door trims, and seats. The upholstery is a trademarked material by local upholstery manufacturer, Seiren Co, in Japan.

What we particularly like is the gold fabric strip in the middle on the seat with diamond-shaped motifs – like the ones you see on golf attire or Christmas-themed sweaters.

According to Mazda, “It (the cabin) expresses an indoor space that imagines a trip to the south under the sun”.

Tell you what though, it does elevate the cabin feel of the Mazda 2. With brighter upholstery, the cabin does look wider and more spacious. Cleaning it is a different story altogether.

The Sunlit Citrus edition also comes with matching floor mats and key fobs. While we can see the appeal of the key fobs but you’d probably have to remove your shoes before you step into the car with those floor mats. Or don’t take passengers. Ever.

Along with the Sunlit Citrus edition is a new Platinum Quartz Metallic exterior colour and improvements to the engine. Mazda said they’ve increased the compression ratio of the 1.5-litre engine for better fuel efficiency and “environmental performance”.

Output is rated at 110 hp and 142 Nm, compared to the 114 hp and 149 Nm in our local model. Interestingly, in terms of fuel consumption, the updated model is rated at 4.9L/100km, compared to the local Mazda 2’s 5.3L/100km – a 6.8% improvement.

Prices for Sunlit Citrus edition starts from 1,969,000 yen (approx. RM73,917).

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