Bentley’s new feature plays different music to match your driving style!

Many of us drivers have our own favourite audio tracks for certain driving moods. Slow jazz to end the night or perhaps some EDM to keep the spirits up.

Currently, music selection is still done manually according to the drive but Bentley has developed a technology to adapt to both vehicle and driver input automatically.

Bentley, together with Lifescore who are experts in the field of ‘adaptive music’, are working together in creating algorithms that allow vehicle inputs such as engine revs and acceleration to influence the composition of music in real-time.

This industry-first feature will create unique audio soundscapes that respond to how and where the vehicle is being driven and under what conditions. This means the sound system will compose a soundtrack to engage with the journey, all unique and in real-time.

The library of sound provided by LifeScore utilises world-class musicians, contemporary and classical instruments recorded with state-of-the-art equipment at the world-famous Abbey Road Studios. All of the audio elements are recorded in full-sphere surround sound (ambisonic) using more than 50 microphones to provide for all possible future formats.

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As such, in the cabin of the future, sound can be designed to come from any direction at the highest possible resolution. In an hour’s drive, the system can compose more than 100 billion unique music tracks – an astounding figure.

The algorithms are designed to produce compositions that flow through themes and variations achieved by maximising coherence, minimising the repetition of cells and other AI-techniques.

For example, in Cocoon mode, as the Bentley is winding through town, the music builds and evolves slowly and when cruising speed is achieved, the music is sustained and deeply calming.

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The Enhanced driving mode meanwhile composes music that is exciting and highly reactive, in tune with the vehicle’s high engine RPM and faster cornering speeds.

Bentley developed and is demonstrating such a system for widespread use in their EV models as soon as 2025 and by 2030, all Bentley cars will be battery EVs only.

The development stories of bringing sound and acoustics into vehicles have been heightened recently courtesy of the eerily quiet electric vehicles. BMW has teamed up with Academy Award winner Hans Zimmer to produce sound clips for their upcoming BMW i models, while Audi and Porsche have their own unique ‘futuristic’ soundtrack accompanying the e-tron GT and Taycan models.


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