Aston Martin created a special-edition Vantage Roadster to honour its oldest surviving car

Aston Martin is celebrating the 100-year anniversary of its oldest surviving car in the best way it knows how – by commissioning a special-edition Vantage Roadster after it.

The 100-year-old car you see in these photos is called the ‘A3’ – the third Aston Martin ever produced and one of the five original prototypes. After its completion in 1921, the ‘A3’ was apparently used extensively by Lionel Martin, the carmaker’s co-founder.

A century later, the original car (after achieving several light-car speed records and race victories, mind you) was painstakingly restored to its original factory condition, and is now the pride of the Aston Martin Heritage Trust.

Naturally, Aston Martin’s Q personalisation service was tasked with the commemorative project. And to pay tribute to such a major milestone for the historic model, Aston Martin gave the Vantage Roadster a significant makeover, starting with a unique retro-inspired square-mesh grille with bright aluminium surround, finished with Aston Martin’s heritage badge that was also used on the original ‘A3’.

Aston Martin is no stranger to special-edition models. Check out this beautiful Concorde-inspired DBS Superleggera!

The side fender gets a polished aluminium finish, with a fixed with a saddle leather strap inspired from the exposed aluminium bonnet and strap on the 1921 car. The ‘No 3’ engraving seen on the panel is also in reference to the stamping on the original model.

Rounding up the exterior touches are the bronze brake calipers in reference to the bronze detailing on the ‘A3’, shown-off proudly behind the bespoke 20-inch lightweight forged gloss black wheels.

Inside, the special-edition Vantage Roadster is specified with an Obsidian Black interior specification, accented by Chestnut Tan leather accents and contrast stitching. The seats’ upholstery gets a fluted design in reference to the ‘A3’, while an embroidered heritage Aston Martin script can be found on the rear cubby lid.

The most impressive touch on the interior for us though, are the rotary dial surrounds for the climate control panel. Aston Martin says that these have been specially cast from brass to “create a heritage ambience”, and the natural patina-like finish just looks incredible when contrasted by the black panel.

Only three copies of the special homage Aston Martin Vantage Roadster will be built, in honour of its original name, and the company is now accepting orders via its long-time dealer partner Aston Martin HWM. Pricing has not been announced, but if you had to ask, it’s unfortunately probably too much for you.



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