There are many reasons why a pick-up truck isn’t the most logical choice for a vehicle if you’re a city dweller – they’re large, noisy, but most importantly, there’s basically zero privacy or safety for the items that you’re keeping in your truck bed.

Of course, you can always buy purpose-made accessories to keep your cargo safe from prying eyes, but here’s the problem: one, they’re not exactly cheap, and two, fitting after market parts is still a hassle.

Luckily for those living in the Philippines, Ford’s local arm in the country is now offering a new Power Roller Shutter accessory for the Ranger Wildtrak 4X4 that comes as standard from the factory!

As the name suggests, the roller shutter is fully motorised, and can be opened or closed either via the key fob, a switch in the truck bed, or from the cabin itself via a button on the dashboard. As it’s an OEM part fully integrated into the truck itself, you can only open the shutter if the doors are unlocked.

The Power Roller Shutter comes with an anti-pinch function, which automatically stops and moves in the opposite direction when it detects any resistance when closing. It also comes with recessed channels along the side rails, so you can make further customisation with after market parts… if you really want to.

The best part of it all is that it’s basically free. The Power Roller Shutter is now offered as standard equipment on the new 2021 Ford Ranger Wildtrak 4X4 in the Philippines at zero additional cost. Carmakers in Malaysia, can we see more of these things, rather than just new decorative trims and decals?