These are the trickiest times to buy a car. On one hand, general car prices (old and new) are lower than usual but on the other, there is genuine uncertainty on whether your job would still be tomorrow, regardless of the occupation.

If however, there is a certainty that your savings can outlast the ongoing global pandemic, it’s like a year-end sale at a mall in the used car market – a paradise for bargain hunters. Choices are aplenty, prices are competitive, and you’ve got loads of bargaining power.

This 2015 Renault Fluence we found on is one such example. The 5-year old car has clocked around 150,000 km according to the seller, who has produced service records and receipts in the advertisement. And they’re only asking for RM24,800!

If there isn’t anything fishy going on there, that’s a real bargain, isn’t it?!

For more information on the specifications and features of the Renault Fluence, click here!

You get so much car for the money! This is a car that was priced at over RM110k when it was first introduced in Malaysia back in 2014. At one point, TC Euro Cars even slashed prices to as low as RM80k for 2016 models.

Even when you consider that this Fluence we spotted is only asking for a 1/4 of the original price, in just 5 years. What also makes it attractive is that because the Fluence is only five years old, you could easily secure a longer loan for it – ideal for those who prefer not to be suffocated by monthly repayments.

What you’re essentially buying is a G11 Nissan Sylphy underneath, but a bit more powerful. While the Sylphy had 131 hp and 191 Nm from a 2.0-litre engine paired to Nissan X-Tronic CVT gearbox, the Fluence made 143 hp and 195 Nm.

Best part is, we’ve tested this before and firmly remember three things that stood out. For starters, it had a walkaway auto-lock feature, at a time when even some Mercedes-Benz didn’t have.

Its simple yet somehow elegant exterior design also made it very pleasing to the eye. It isn’t shouty but subtly stands out by being different, in a sea of Hondas and Toyotas.

The most memorable bit had to be the space. Whether in the boot or in the cabin, the Fluence has plenty of it. This was mainly because the Fluence was built on a proper C-segment platform, unlike the Sylphy which was a stretched B-segment car. The Fluence was not just a Renault body with old Sylphy parts.

So for those looking to start a family but with a tight budget for a bigger car, the Fluence is should be considered, at the very least.

For the same reason, it also comes with rear ISOFIX seats, and six airbags. It’s also got cruise control for the long trips, reverse camera, Bluetooth connectivity through a touchscreen and auto headlamps and wipers. In some variants, it even comes with leather seats.

There are very very few cars (if any) you can buy at this price that will give you so much. For what it offers in terms of space, features, looks, the “Conti” feel, it’s unlikely that you’ll find another alternative at this price.

*Do note that every remark of the Fluence is based on the advertisement and our brief time with the car. As with buying any used car, it’s wise to research the cost of maintenance such as service costs, prices of wear and tear parts, and so on before jumping into it.