Phua Chu Kang actor Gurmit Singh has been fined SGD$800 (approx. RM2,487) for speeding in his Audi A8 L recently.

The Singaporean has also been banned from driving for three months, after being caught driving at 131 km/h in a 70 km/h zone.

The actor had his son in the car with him and according to the once-upon-a-time best contractor in JB and Singapore (and some say Batam), he merely sped up to let his son hear a certain noise that only appeared after 100 km/h.

A new Audi? Making some noise? That can’t be right…not for a SGD$430k car!

Well, breaking the law is breaking the law, and we need to call a spade, a spade. Being the good sport that he is, the actor took to social media to apologise rather sincerely.

No offense to the man who was Malaysia’s main source of TV entertainment in the 1990s, but this article is not meant to tarnish his reputation but merely to raise more awareness and offer some perspectives.

The irony of this footage.

Compare that, and how we behave on our roads. In Malaysia, we’d be doing those speeds, while taking a selfie with the kids somersaulting at the back with no child seats or even seat belts on.

We’d mostly run into a Myvi, at the same speed if not travelling even faster, and end up racing together with it. If anything 130 km/h is just an appetiser. Next time, we’ll try 140km/h until we “hear a sound” as well.

A fine? Nah, we’d avoid that buy either slowing down dramatically just before the speed camera, or just tuck a few sheets under our driver’s license as we present it to our esteemed law enforcers.

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