For the longest time, think B-segment sedan and the Honda City and Toyota Vios names are usually the first to pop up but all that is about to change; with the all-new Nissan Almera. Check out our comparison between the three cars!

For the longest time, the Almera has had an unfortunate image attached to it but for good reason. It was cheap to own, cheap to run, and practical but it lacked aesthetic appeal, and let’s just say, you’ve never seen a viral video of an Almera leaping across a massive drain, have you? It lacked a certain excitement to it too.

From a car that you need, the Almera has now become the car you want. From a car that was sold as a cheap and cheerful mode of A to B transportation, it can now boast higher performance, better handling, improved refinement, and unparalleled safety.

On the other hand, the City has grown strength to strength. If the Almera has come out of puberty into an attractive young adult, the City has gotten more mature – evolving from an already accomplished product into one that’s finished with more premium touches. If anything, the cabin design and finishing can easily fool you for a more expensive C-segment car.

The new City now starts from RM74,000 while the base model Almera starts from RM79,000 and they could not be any more different from each other. One’s turbocharged, the other isn’t. One feels and looks sporty and youthful, the other is more grown up and mature now.

Which would you choose? Check out the video and tell us why!

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