Rolls-Royce turns the Cullinan into a wardrobe/kitchen cabinet on wheels!

The level of customisation Rolls-Royce is capable of is only limited by the number of zeros in your bank account and this time, they’ve flexed their customising muscles to create two unique Bespoke features in the Cullinan SUV.

For starters, there’s the Recreation Module, where the Cullinan is fitted with a motorised drawer designed to fit securely and invisibly into the luggage compartment floor.

At the touch of a button, the Recreation Module slides open to reveal equipment, accessories, and other items personally selected by the client. Each item will be allocated its own personal space.

The entire assembly can be removed and stored separately, allowing customers to create Recreation Modules for specific hobbies and interests; from fly fishing, rock climbing, snowboarding or parascending to kite-boarding or base-jumping.

The other Bespoke feature is called the Hosting Service, which essentially turns the boot of the Cullinan into an exquisite kitchen cabinet on wheels.

Made to host up to eight adults, the Hosting Service comes complete with glassware and utensils for creating fresh cocktails or classic gin and tonic beverages for passengers.

The Rolls-Royce Hosting Service offers elegant highball glasses adorned with discreet Rolls-Royce monograms and wooden chopping boards made of the highest quality American walnut.

Elegant highball glasses are finished with Rolls-Royce monograms whilst wooden chopping boards are made of the highest quality American walnut.

If that doesn’t add more luxury to your outdoor experience with the Cullinan, customers can also specify the Viewing Suite feature, a pair of seats that can be arranged on either side of a retractable cocktail table.



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