The Bentley Continental GT Speed revealed with 659 hp and 335 km/h top speed

Bentley announces the company’s most dynamic road car in history with the Continental GT Speed. The 2021 Continental GT Speed is only the third generation of Speed models, with the pioneering 3-Litre Speed model introduced in the 1920s.

Only one engine is available with the Continental GT Speed, keeping with the Speed’s ethos. The renowned twin-turbocharged W12 engine displacing 6.0 litres now delivers an additional 24 hp to bring the peak output to 659 hp. Torque is maintained at an extraordinary 900 Nm. Paired with an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, the GT Speed completes the century dash in 3.6 seconds and onward to a top speed of 335 km/h.

Apart from Active All-Wheel drive, the Continental GT Speed is equipped with an electronic rear limited-slip differential (eLSD), a first time in a Bentley. Suspending the 2.3-tonne grand tourer is a three-chamber adaptive air suspension system and the Bentley Dynamic Ride anti-roll control system.

The dynamic anti-roll control system operates on a 48-volt system and features powerful electric motors within the anti-roll bars to resist body roll, delivering as much as 1,300 Nm within 300 milliseconds to counteract cornering forces, keeping the body level.

All these features are well-calibrated and come alive together in Sport mode to deliver a thrilling and engaging drive. The transmission’s shifting time is also quicker, in fact, twice as fast as in any other Bentley. All that speed and weight comes to a stop, confidently, with the newly engineered light-weight carbon-ceramic brake system. Ten-piston front calipers and four-piston rears supply incredible braking force.

All these upgrades in the chassis make the Continental GT Speed the most capable, performance-focused Bentley ever with no compromise to comfort or luxury.

Bentley also specified that limited amounts of brake dust are discharged, ensuring the 22-inch unique Speed wheels are perfectly presentable. Speaking of the wheels, buyers can select the finishing to be bright silver, dark tint or black gloss finish.

Other exterior enrichments on the Continental GT Speed include dark-tinted bumper grilles, more sculpted sports sills and discreet Speed badges on the front fenders.

For even more personalisation, the Continental Blackline Specification replaces the chrome coating with black on exterior trim pieces such as headlamp and taillamp bezels, exhaust outlets, window frame, door trim and fender vents.

Inside the 2+2 grand tourer, the Continental GT Speed’s credentials are further highlighted by a unique duotone colour split handcrafted in hide and matching Alcantara, which is also applied to the steering wheel. The exterior badging is matched with an elegant Speed icon on the passenger fascia.

Bentley’s Diamond in Diamond quilting is included as standard, and Speed embroidered headrests distinguish the cabin of the most potent Continental GT.

The luxurious interior can be further personalised with a choice of 15 main and 11 secondary hide colours, as well as the use of leather in place of Alcantara for the Speed colour split. The centre console can be finished in a new dark tint engine turned aluminium, bringing a geometrically perfect machined surface and a beautifully patterned finish.

Closer to home, Bentley Kuala Lumpur offers the Bentayga, the Continental GT as well as the Flying Spur four-door limousine, with limited First Editions available direct from Crewe.



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