Here’s your first official look at the Mercedes-AMG GT 73e

We’ve heard about the electrified Mercedes-AMG GT 73e for quite some time now, be it from leaks, rumours, or even teasers from Mercedes themselves, stopping short of confirming the existence of the model. Well, the time has now finally come, as the team at Affalterbach has just officially shown off the model in full.

In an announcement released right after the launch of the W12 Formula 1 car, Mercedes-Benz placed the new hybrid-powered AMG model next to the Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar, as well as the 2021 F1 season challenger, giving us a first official look at the GT 73e.

To be clear, the company did not specifically name it as the GT 73e, but that’s what everyone is calling it, and we shall follow suit too. But what Mercedes-AMG did specifically do, is show off the new “V8 Bi-Turbo E Performance” badge on the fender, confirming the electrical bits underneath the bonnet.

But that is just about the extent that the German carmaker is willing to tell us now. Based on previous rumours, the upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT 73e will supposedly be powered by a 4.0-litre V8 twin-turbo engine, paired to some sort of electrical assistance to produce a combined horsepower figure north of 800 hp.

With that amount of powered, the AMG GT 73e is also rumoured to complete the century sprint in less than three seconds!

As for looks, the lightly-camouflaged GT 73e doesn’t look all that much different compared to the existing Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S. The only differences that we can see are the slats within the lower intakes, with mild changes probably to channel air to cool the battery pack and electric motor.

The road-going Mercedes-AMG division has strengthened their partnership with the Brackley-based F1 team, with more in-depth “mutual transfer” of technologies in the development of future electrified technologies for both racing and on the road. That is why the same E-Performance branding can also be found on the W12 F1 car.

The press release singles out an “electric turbocharger”, which the company says is “standing the test in Formula 1 under extreme conditions and will soon be used in AMG production models”.

There’s still a lot of uncertainties about this upcoming Mercedes-AMG GT 73e, but one thing’s for certain: It’ll be a beast both on track and on public roads.



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