Hyundai-Kia to partner with Apple to build a car!

In our report last month, we shared that talks between Hyundai-Kia and Apple to build a car was only at an infancy stage and nothing has been decided just yet.

It seems that vision is close to becoming a reality as various reports and sources have claimed that the two juggernauts are close to finalising a deal that could see Apple pump a whopping USD3.6 billion into the joint venture.

First a robot, now a car!

It would not be a Kia or Hyundai vehicle with Apple’s technologies but instead an “Apple car” manufactured by Hyundai-Kia at Kia’s assembly plant in Georgia, USA. Think Apple phones; designed by Apple, built by Foxconn.

Here’s the thing; it’s likely that’ll you’ll never get to drive it.

Yeap, the “Apple car” is going to be an autonomous vehicle that’s predicated to be based on Hyundai’s electric modular platform or in short, E-GMP. The E-GMP platform will also provide the base for the soon-to-be-unveiled Ioniq 5 EV crossover!

The E-MGP platform revealed in December 2020 was designed to be rear-wheel drive as standard but can also be an all-wheel drive platform, with the addition of another electric motor in the front.

Its batteries are packed between the front and rear axles for even weight distribution and positioned really low (as illustrated below) to ensure a low centre of gravity for better stability.

On that note, Hyundai also shared that its electric motors are capable of powering a high performance model with impressive figures. 0 to 100 km/h in less than three seconds, with a top speed of around 260 km/h and an electric range of 500km.

It’s easy to forget that we’re still talking about a potential car by Apple here. Production is expected to begin in 2024 if talks don’t fall through at the 11th hour.

Let’s also hope Apple includes a cable with every purchase to charge the car.


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