Here’s what you can do at home with your diecasts

It’s as if Lamborghini knew that we’d have loads of free time with a second lockdown (MCO) due to take place as the idea behind this diecast shoot was, “If you can’t drive a Lamborghini, make it look like you did!”.

Photographer Kunaal Kelkar was supposed to fly to Italy last year, to drive and shoot a Lamborghini Urus, but we all know how 2020 went – with Covid-19 still relentlessly disrupting lives this year.

So instead of flying to Italy, to shoot the SUV on the Amalfi Coast, he decided to take photos of a 1:18 scale diecast sent by Lamborghini India – who instructed the photographer “to go crazy with it”. The original shoot was meant to showcase how the Urus was able to access a scenic coastal area where there are no roads.

“My partner suggested using our swimming pool to mimic the sea and shoot the diecast from inside the water to make it look like the Urus was right up close to the coastline,” said Kelkar.

He added, “The casing of the Lamborghini Urus scale model proved to be a perfect fit for the camera, so we used that to keep the camera semi-submerged and prevent it from getting wet.


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