If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for your petrolhead spouse, these art toy cars as they’re called could be it. You can thank us later.

They’re called Playforever and according to their statement in the “ABOUT” section of their website, they call themselves the “Creators and connoisseurs of art toys that are built to last a lifetime” and we don’t doubt it at all.

Their range of “toys” is expansive and expensive, to say the least. They range from classic Porsche-inspired designs, Formula 1 cars inspired from the 20s, 70s, and 80s, muscle cars and planes even!

Here’s where it gets interesting – how much they cost. These art toy cars are not your average Tomica or Hotwheels diecast toys. In terms of the details, they may not be as accurate and intricate but instead, they’ve gone for a cleaner, more minimalist design without compromising the identity of the toy.

According to their site, it’s safe for 1-year olds and above, but would you let your kids mess with toys that costs this much? These are for those who haven’t outgrown the idea of having toys but more importantly, for those with overgrown wallets.

These toy cars start from around £20 pounds (approx. RM108) to about £50 pounds (approx. RM272) depending on which design you go for but what caught our attention were the ones from their “CNC Program“.

Take the limited-edition Modena Grand Prix for example. It’s the most expensive in Playforever’s range, at £6,500 pounds (approx RM35,000). They’re CNC-machined from a solid block of ABS material before being sanded and polished by hand. They’re then finished with the highest grade of automotive paint with glossy UV coating.

The trims on the other hand have been cut from a solid block of metal also using a CNC machine. They’re then sanded to remove any residual marks and “polished to diamond standard” according to their site. These trims are also left untreated and will evolve over time. The wheels are made of solid rubber using a slow casting process.

Alternatively, there’s the “more affordable” Grand Walnut Roadster for £2,000 pounds.

And the result – whether you’re 1 of 50-years old – are objects of abject desire. They even have a variety of toy cars which are CNC-machined out of a solid block of walnut wood, which will set you back £695 pounds (approximately RM3,700).

These aren’t for kids. These are the kinda stuff you’d want to have in your bachelor pad/home, paraded to guests, used as conversation pieces, but more essentially, to appease that overgrown child in you for anything fancy on four wheels.


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Pan Eu Jin
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