After releasing a teaser of its upcoming hybrid supercar last month, McLaren has further fueled the anticipation for its arrival with a shot of its rear end, revealing a name.

It will be called the Artura and will be the company’s first High-Performance Hybrid series-production supercar which means anyone can get their hands on them. At the moment, McLaren’s hybrid influence extends to the McLaren P1 and the more recent Speedtail which are limited in production numbers.

The arrival of the Artura will mark the debut of an all-new compact twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine, designed to combine with an electric motor in a new lightweight High-Performance Hybrid powertrain.

Yet, the company claims that it will not lose any of the performance benefits of its larger capacity V8 engines. Even better, the new hybrids will benefit from the improved torque response at low engine speeds. To please mother nature, McLaren has also given the Artura the ability to run purely on electric power.

The Artura will be the first of many new supercars from Woking to be built on the new McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) platform that can accommodate hybrid systems. McLaren said its lightweight design and construction will offset the weight from the electrified powertrain.

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Pan Eu Jin
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