New car listing site lets you ‘cari cars’ with confidence

If the record numbers achieved by national car makers Proton and Perodua is anything to go by, the sales tax exemption seems to be working. With new car prices being reduced, the deals on the used car market should be even better. 

However one needs to be careful of unscrupulous sellers when navigating through the used car market. For the inexperienced, the sometimes opaque and complicated process of buying a used car can be off-putting as well. 

To get listed on Caricarz, used car dealers need to a valid license and operating premises

New car marketplace is set to address this issue in the used car market. As industry veterans with more than 15 years of experience, founder Kenneth Goh, James Goh, Thomas Chong and Eric Lim feel that the used car buying process could definitely be improved. 

Together with their 20-strong team, the trio wants to revolutionize the used car buying process for Malaysians. They want buyers to feel assured and confident when they are searching for their next ride on the marketplace. This is done by vetting the sellers thoroughly before they are allowed to publish their cars. This means that car dealers need to have a valid operating license and premise to get onboard.

For buyers, they can expect an easy-to-use site to when they are browsing through 13,000 cars from more than 1,100 resellers (to date) on offer. All parameters related to car buying are clearly laid out for them to make a better choice. Also on site is a handy instalment calculator to speed things up.

From today till 30th November 2020, Malaysians can share their dream car from Caricarz on their Facebook timeline for a chance to win a car worth RM25,000. You can follow their Facebook page for details. Looks like there’s one more reason for you to share on your timeline why the GT86 is such a great buy…



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