The Nissan Almera will soon be launched so it’s best we catch up again on what makes it tick. The all-new Almera has gone through quite a drastic and complete makeover starting with its new engine that’s been “inspired” by the Nissan GT-R! You’re encouraged to read about it here.

Under the hood now is a 1.0-litre turbocharged engine, paired to an Xtronic CVT gearbox with 100 hp and 152 Nm. While it may have lower output than the previous Almera with a naturally-aspirated engine, there is however, much more torque than before.

When the all-new Almera finally arrives, the B-segment will feature a host of new options as the Vios was launched about a year ago, followed by the recent unveiling of the City.

Coupled with a beefier engine, the Almera could even be the next favourite for the “boy racers” as its turbocharged engine is not the only thing the Almera has to shout about. That’s because it drives so much better than the model it replaces, as we discovered during our brief test drive.

Then again, Nissan did not build the Almera just to appease the speed freaks. At the end of the day, it will be an everyday get-around for most – an affordable means of A to B transportation – so it has to be refined and comfortable. From our 15 minute drive in the Almera, we can attest that the new Almera has achieved just that. Supple is how you can describe the way the car rides, and well insulated is how you can describe the cabin environment.

That’s not all. To spice things up, Edaran Tan Chong Motor recently also introduced some accessories for their hot new B-segment sedan. The vast range of accessories offers customers the flexibility to spice up either the interior of the new Almera or its handsome new exterior.

Following the Sales Tax Exemption announcement, for the latest price list of Nissan vehicles in Malaysia, click here.

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