Mitsubishi Xpander adopted a Lancer Evo component but not for what you’d expect

The teasing has finally come to an end as Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia has revealed all there is to know about the new Xpander. It is now available for booking pending its imminent launch.

You can read more about the Xpander here, which will be locally-assembled in Pekan, Pahang, and is only available in a single variant, but for this, we’ll focus on a very specific area of the Xpander – a Lancer Evolution X suspension component it has adopted – that seems to be on everyone’s lips. Yes, just one; and it’s essentially a thicker base valve.

That’s what we’ve been able to confirm so far and it’s not for the purposes you’d expect. No, Mitsubishi didn’t do that to help you beat sportscars at a hill climb or tackle gravel like the Mitsubishi Xpander AP4, that’s not what the modification on the Xpander’s suspension was intended for.

The thicker (than usual) base valves essentially helps prevents the absorbers from over compressing as the car goes through a bend, bumps or potholes. In brief, it allows engineers to create a higher pressure within the absorbers to prevent it from “bottoming out”.

It doesn’t mean you can do this with your road-going Xpander!

All this is said to help iron out the bumps a lot better while improving the stability of the vehicle by reducing the swaying motions. With the latter, it should result in the car being more predictable and easier to maneuver.

Sounds promising and coupled with the Xpander’s monocoque chassis, it should (theoretically) give the 7-seater “crossover” as Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia is calling it, a noticeably superior ride quality over its competitors such as the Perodua Aruz and Toyota Rush which still utilises a ladder frame chassis.

In that sense, the Xpander would be neck-and-neck with the Honda BR-V that posses unquestionably better ride and handling than its competitors; courtesy of its Honda City platform. How else does the Xpander stand out from its rivals? Where does it fall short? Stay tuned as we’ll be detailing them soon!

For the review of the Mitsubishi Xpander by Indonesia’s #1 motoring journalist, Fitra Eri, click here. OR, check out the range of customisations you can perform on the Xpander!



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