Video: Aston Martin’s “sportscar” SUV, the DBX, now in Malaysia!

Just like Bentley and its Bentayga, Rolls-Royce with its Cullinan and Lamborghini with their Urus, Aston Martin has finally introduced its own version of an SUV, in the form of the DBX in Malaysia.

Underneath its clamshell-like front hood is a 4.0-litre twin turbo V8 engine with 550 hp and 750 Nm. The Mercedes-AMG engine is paired to a 9-speed automatic to drive all four wheels. The DBX’s clever torque distribution system not only allows for power to be transferred between the front and rear wheels, but also from side to side within front or rear axle.

Here comes the more exciting bit – not only is it immensely quick with a 0 to 100 km/h time of 4.5 seconds, it will carry on charging forward until its 291 km/h top speed. Aston Martin said that the DBX is first a sports car and then an SUV. While the numbers certainly back those claims, we can’t wait to find out what it’ll be like to drive.

With the sportscar aspect of the DBX taken care off, Aston Martin’s focus on it as an SUV is also very apparently. Roomy and spacious is how you can surely describe the interior while cabin noise is said to be significantly reduced using computational aeroacoustics technology. Aston Martin says they’re one of very few companies to adopt such technology for cabin refinement.

Like all the other SUVs the big marques have made, this isn’t just another Frankenstein project put together in haste. In fact, Aston Martin’s Female Advisory Board was heavily involved with the design process of the DBX, in addition to feedback from the company’s top management and private focus groups to enhance the overall ergonomics of the SUV.

That makes the wait to drive this even more unbearable!



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