Mitsubishi Xpander Facelift vs Pre-Facelift – What’s the difference?

It’s no secret that the highly-anticipated Mitsubishi Xpander seven-seater crossover will be launching soon on our shores. Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia (MMM) has even (literally) teased us, with a set-up that revealed the front and rear of the car at Mid Valley Megamall in early September.

From the teaser, it’s clear that we’d be getting the latest facelifted version of the Mitsubishi Xpander which means Malaysians will get to enjoy a slew of nice upgrades that can be found on the facelifted Xpander and then some.

Let’s begin with the exterior. The facelift Xpander will come with a revised Dynamic Shield front grille design. The 3-slate grille found in the pre-facelift has been replaced with a 2-slate grille instead. Less noticeable is the slightly larger Mitsubishi emblem that sits proudly on the shield.

Staying on the front still, the facelifted Xpander will be equipped with Bi-LED Headlights, replacing the halogen ones found in the pre-facelift. Also new to the facelift is a pair of halogen fog lights which also doubles up as daytime running lights.

Also, if you pay close attention to the lower air intake section at the front, you will find a camera hidden neatly tucked inside. This is part of the 360-degree camera that was previously not available on the pre-facelift model.

From the side, the obvious change on the facelift Xpander is the wheel design. Though they remain the same at 16-inches, the facelift Xpander will get 5-spoke Dual Tone Alloy wheels replacing the 10-spoke Single Tone Alloy Wheels seen on the pre-facelift model.

Moving to the rear of the car, three things do stand out. The first being the Shark Fin antenna, which replaces the Bee Sting style antenna in the pre-facelift version. The second and third item to stand out is the rear fog lamps and reverse sensors which were absent in the pre-facelift.

For the interior, we can only speculate since the interior of the teaser unit was concealed. Based on the teaser video here, it shows that the facelift Xpander’s interior would be of black leather upholstery.

Compared to the Indonesian pre-facelift Xpander, they have an option of either a black or beige interior depending on the variant, but no leather option.

From the teaser video, we can also tell that our facelift Xpander will not come with wood trims which were seen in the range-topping pre-facelift Ultimate variant Xpander. Instead, the local model appears to be finished with a carbon fibre look to go with the black leather upholstery.

The teaser video from Mitsubishi Malaysia, we can see the trim beside the HU unit is a Carbon Fiber-eques trim.

The last feature that we hope will make its way into our facelift Xpander, is cruise control. This feature is not available in the pre-facelift Xpander, but it’s available on the facelift model in Indonesia as seen in our full review of the seven-seater crossover, featuring our friend Fitra Eri from Oto Driver of Indonesia!

There you have it; the niceties you can expect to find in the upcoming Mitsubishi Xpander. Unfortunately, MMM has not divulged any information regarding the Xpander’s price or how many variants it would come in.


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