Video: The floor mat you never thought you needed – TRAPO!

Our very own GC Mah is now a full-blown family man, which means he’s now a proud owner of a Nissan Serena, and cares about frequently-overlooked details like the number of Isofix mounts. At a time where personal hygiene is paramount, it’s no wonder Uncle Mah (sorry) went out of his way to replace his old crummy carpet floor mats that came with the car a year ago.

You may have seen our unboxing video on the Trapo car mats, but what are they like to actually use? Well, after a month of abuse use, here’s Mr. family man’s thoughts on the Trapo Hex, the brand’s top-of-the-range offering.

What sets the Trapo car mats apart from the generic ones you get from a car hardware shop is the mat’s custom-made proportions, laser-cut specifically for each car model so it fits snugly on the floor of your particular car model.

Aside from just replicating the outline of the existing carpets, Trapo also made their own customisations such as extensions underneath the seats and on the driver’s foot rest, to ensure proper coverage and preventing stray dirt from soiling your car’s floor lining.

On the underside, the Trapo Hex also features something called Trapo Fix, an international patented solution to keep your car mats affixed firmly to the floor. Designed as a substitute to Velcro, the gentler hook mechanism means that the mat will not damage your floor lining, even after removing and replacing the mat hundreds of times – something you should really do to clean your mats properly.

But perhaps the biggest reason GC Mah went for the Trapo Hex was due to its anti-bacterial properties, baked right into the ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam material which means it won’t wear-off with time.

And that’s not all – There are a whole lot more reasons why the Trapo car mats might be the right choice for you, but we’ll leave it to GC Mah himself to break it down for you in the video.


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