This is McLaren’s latest addition to the Super Series, the 765LT. With it wearing the legendary Longtail name, you immediately know that it’s going to be something quite special.

While it shares its base with the 720S, the latest LT model also packs quite a few bits and pieces taken from the Senna of the Ultimate Series, along with a whole lot of carbon fibre and aerodynamic parts to make it a true trackday weapon.

Weight saving is the name of the game here on the 765LT, including the use of carbon fibre on all of its aerodynamic appendages and bumpers, thinner glass, and even replacing the glass altogether at the rear with a motorsport-style polycarbonate glazing.

The 10-spoke ultra-lightweight forged alloy wheels already shave off 22 kg, and it even uses titanium bolts to make sure no stones are left unturned. Inside, the climate control and infotainment system is stripped out in the name of even more weight savings (though can be optioned in at no cost), but the coolest part must be the optional Ultra-Lightweight Carbon Fibre Racing Seats taken straight from the Senna, taking off another 18 kg.

As a result of the intense weight-loss regime, the McLaren 765LT weighs 80 kg lighter than the 720S. Pair that to an uprated 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 engine that now makes 765 hp (hence the name) and 800 Nm of torque, and you get a class-leading weight-to-power ratio of 622 hp-per-tonne. It’s no surprise that the new Longtail is the fastest model available in the brand’s Super Series.

Only 765 units of the McLaren 765LT will ever be made globally, and only 10 units are guaranteed for Malaysia. It costs RM1,488,000 before tax and duties for one of these, which should be around the ballpark of RM3 million on the road, without insurance, and of course, without the options that you’ll definitely want on your 765LT.


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