Save money on company cars with Flux Business Class

Flux is an all-inclusive monthly car subscription service for individuals looking for a non-traditional route towards car ownership. This service is now extended to companies via their new Flux Business Class. This new subscription service will allow companies to subscribe to a fleet of cars for up to three years, and pay a single monthly price that covers the insurance, road tax, and maintenance (including wear & tear) of the cars.

With the Flux Business Class, companies will not have to worry about any upfront payment. This service is also considered an off-balance sheet expense, therefore allowing companies to increase their tax deduction claims. As an added benefit, Flux will assist to refresh the fleet to ensure you can enjoy this tax deductibility throughout your subscription tenure.

The benefits don’t stop there; included in the service is the Flux’s Concierge Service. A one-stop solution to handle all your company fleet matters including documentation and maintenance. Should any of your company cars undergo maintenance, courtesy cars will be provided to ensure that you or your staff’s time is not wasted.

Flux Business Class will consolidate your company’s entire fleet subscription fee via a seamless online billing, therefore you don’t have to keep track of the entire fleet payment yourself. You as the client can also opt to received data on the usage and health of the fleet cars, in order to maximise usage and minimise idling.

Flux offers a wide range of brands and models, their collection of new and pre-owned vehicles include both Continental and Asian makes. Their latest addition to their staggering collection is the Proton X70 with plans to do the same with the upcoming Proton X50.

Companies can subscribe to a wide range of vehicle types, with monthly subscription fees starting from RM1,805 for a sedan, RM2,135 for an SUV, RM3,405 for an executive sedan, RM3,140 for an MPV, and RM2,458 for a pickup truck.

Flux understands that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to company cars. Therefore, the company promises a bespoke solution for each and every Business Class client. Should you be interested in their service do pay them a visit here.


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