You’ve all seen and heard everything there is to know about the Proton X50 now and so here’s our take and first impressions of a crossover whose arrival has been long overdue.

Upon getting up close with the X50 for the first time ever, it’s finally crystal clear why Malaysians have been gawking over it, eagerly awaiting its arrival with the enthusiasm of a teenager on his/her first date. So fanatical are Malaysians over the X50 that there is even a Facebook community page for the X50 created over a year ago and since that it has garnered over 40k followers!

The exterior should have no problem attracting plenty of suitors. Frankly, it’ll be harder to dislike how the X50 looks it than to like. For a car that’ll most likely cost under RM100k even for the highest grade “Flagship” variant, the X50 certainly looks and feels like a car twice as expensive.

If this wasn’t a Proton, and was instead a Kia or a Mazda, priced at RM150k, we’re pretty sure most would still be flocking showrooms begging to have their booking fees accepted.

Everything from its Level 2 autnomous driving abilities, features, fit and finish, the quality and visual appearance of the cabin’s individual components will surely make you question why car manufacturers aren’t providing more for less, like Proton? Actually, it’s more like providing more for less, like Geely? If left to Proton, we’d still be hyping over Suprimas and sub-par Satria Neos.

It feels well thought of; take the door handles that seamlessly integrates the lever to open the doors. That kind of thoughtfulness is simply unheard of in a car that’s mostly likely going to be under RM100k. You want another example? Have a look at those seats and name us a car that comes with seats that look like those in the X50 and we’d send GC Mah to reward you with a back rub.

The only shortcoming that we noticed on the X50, throughout our brief encounter with it, is that the camera displays on the infotainment system was downright disappointing. If the rest of the car weren’t as impressive, perhaps it would’ve been overlooked but that sort of display in a car as accomplished as the X50 is like putting me into a Ferrari Formula 1 race car – you can just tell where the weak link is.

The future looks very bright indeed for the X50 and the company lucky enough to put its badge on it, along with over 400 different inputs of its own. Can’t wait to find out how it drives!