Look up this channel called Woodworking Art on YouTube and you’d be shocked at what you’d find. It’s just filled with no-nonsense, no-frills videos of scale models like the Bugatti Chiron and the Toyota Hilux being handbuilt, out of wood blocks!

Among the other creations also include a Lexus LX570, a Ford F-150 Raptor, a Formula 1 race car, an Audi Q7 and a Ford Mustang “Eleanor” and the level detail in these builds is just insane! Everything from the wheels, the undercarriage, the interior are all manually or mechanically carved out, either from a block of wood or multiple pieces of wood glued together.

The builds start from mere outlines drawn on the wood surface and here’s where things get a little mind-blowing. The details are so intricate that these wooden scale models are finished with the finest details – and we’re talking really fine. So fine that even the window switches on the door panel, the seat levers, and even tyre groove!

Not much more was revealed about the various builds but in the case of the “Eleanor” Ford Mustang, the builder highlighted that it took three weeks to build.

Think you got mad skills with wood? These videos might make you reevaluate that thought!