Lotus is known for their back to basics, lightweight and raw sportscars, which means most of their cars have barebones interiors – no squishy soft touch materials, and no unnecessary infotainment displays.

In general, fans and purists seem to appreciate Lotus’ efforts in preserving the purest driving experience. But even then, it’s still nice sometimes to have additional information about the car, especially during spirited driving on track.

For that purpose, the boys at Hethel have cooked up a new plug-and-play digital dashboard device – dubbed Digital Instrument Pack – to upgrade your track day experience, specially designed to fit perfectly into your Lotus Elise or Exige made from 2008 and onwards.

The digital dashboard device, which consists of a six-inch TFT LCD display and a GPS module, measures, displays and records data captured via various onboard sensors, helping drivers improve their lap times on the fly. It is even pre-loaded with 4,127 individual international race tracks, and automatically detects when the car is on one to help track your lap times accurately.

For those that like to document their track day experience, the device comes with a camera input, allowing you to overlay the vital information such as vehicle speed directly onto the video itself. The digital dashboard can also be detached from its frame, allowing the driver to download the data onto a computer for further analysis.

Lotus Aftersales Director, Chris Hinks said, “We know our customers appreciate the motorsport heritage of Lotus cars and love to use their own vehicles on track days. Integrating a Digital Instrument Pack into an Elise or Exige is only going to enhance that experience.”

The Lotus digital dashboard is priced at GBP1,470 (RM7,875) in the UK, though Lotus also says that pricing will vary depending on region. The new plug-and-play device will be available at all markets where the two cars are sold.