This has to be the ultimate collection of Porsche die cast models ever!

It all started in the early 1970s when Porsche’s successful exploits in rally sparked the interest of Stuttgart-based “Alberto”, whose real name has been preserved for privacy sake, in the Stuttgart-based company.

Over the years, Alberto’s wholehearted devotion to the brand has turned his house into a Porsche Museum of sorts, with over 1,000 pieces of Porsche die cast models of 1:43 scale. Such is his love for the brand that Alberto even has specific plans when he meets his maker.

“When I die, I want my ashes to be scattered here – by the chapel in the town of Zell am See in Austria where Ferry Porsche was buried,” said Alberto.

At the centre of Alberto’s play room is a space perfectly laid out to simulate a Porsche showroom, right down to the last detail. The ensemble includes a reception, exhibition, and even the company’s corporate identity.

“Every time I get my hands on a new miniature, I place it on the dealership floor and do the official presentation”, said Alberto’s wife who also indulges in her husband’s hobby.

The collectibles are displayed on tailor-made pieces of display furniture and enclosed in glass. To pick them up, Alberto uses suction cups that only he controls – no one is strictly allowed to touch any of his prized possessions.

Alberto’s collection of all things Porsche isn’t just limited to die cast models but everything else with the brand’s emblem on it. There are paintings, backpacks, commemorative coins, banners, notebooks, wastepaper bins, pens, a Porsche office chair and even a menu from the restaurant at Porsche’s factory.

A lot of these have been the culmination of Alberto’s annual visits to the Porsche Museum for the last few decades. By driving there instead of flying, it has allowed him to bring back books and memorabilia without the hassle of dealing with airline regulations.

“When I was a young boy, I used to come home from college and most days I’d go past the Porsche dealership and spend ages peering through the window but never mustered the courage to venture inside”, said Alberto.

But look where he is now; not only is he a proud owner of a 911 Turbo but also is now also a “real estate tycoon” of his personal miniature development museum.



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