Here are 4 simple ideas from Bosch on car maintenance and staying active

It’s been exactly two months since the entire Covid-19 phenomenon dawned on us and while we’ve been affected physically and mentally by various restrictions to our lifestyle never before experienced, the lack of commuting and movement has certainly affected our vehicles as well.

As such Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Malaysia (Bosch AA) would like to share four simple ideas to make the best use of our time at home by staying active. This will also help keep our cars in the best and cleanest condition possible to ensure our safety when making essential trips during this time.

Exercise by washing your car inside-out

Being confined at home doesn’t mean you don’t get any physical activity in. Get some exercise by giving your car a good wash inside and out by cleaning, vacuuming and disinfecting. Remember that we use our cars to get our essentials and it is easy to overlook that cars receive the most human contact.

Hence, it is even more important now to wash and clean it to protect ourselves and our loved ones. It is highly recommended to use disinfectant wipes or solutions to wipe down the interior especially the door handles, steering wheel, radio, AC buttons; places you are in constant contact with.

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Staying at home = flattening the curve + (maybe) a flat car battery
Minimising human contact and practicing social distancing by being at home has not only successfully flattened the curve in Malaysia but may have also caused a “flatten” your car’s battery due to the lack of use. However, letting your car battery go idle, can potentially shorten its lifespan.

As such you might want to have a look at the Bosch C3 battery charger for such situations. It’ll keep your car battery active and offers a quick remedy to flat batteries from the lack of driving.

Exercise peace of mind with some “retail therapy
Staying home for an extended period of time can be a tough endeavour for most people. For shopaholics, it’s an even bigger pain. At times like these, perhaps what you need is some retail therapy. Thanks to e-commerce, shopping can be done online and with the goods delivered right to your doorstep!

Take this opportunity to check on the wear and tear of your car parts and shop for new ones if they are worn out. With the on-going rainy season, we suggest shopping for a reliable pair of wipers as clear visibility is crucial when driving in the rain. Besides having a clear vision, a good cabin filter is equally important to ensure clean air in your car cabin as well as to prevent your windshield and windows from fogging up inside the car. These can be bought on Shopee.

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Disinfect your baby car seat
Since our cars receive the most human contact from essential trips, remember to disinfect the baby car seat and ensure that it is clean and sanitized.

Use warm water and mild, baby-friendly soap to wipe down the harness, frame and buckles. Then, with a clean cloth remove any soap residue followed by a disinfectant wipe. Wash the covers if they are washing machine friendly but avoid using a dryer as it can compromise the shape of the covers! Here’s how to do it!

Let’s make good use of our time at home by being more productive and by doing our part in keeping our cars clean and well maintained. This is so when we are able to freely drive on our roads, our cars will give us a safe and smooth drive.


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